About Nav – Education and Life

Nav Kaur holds a degree in International Relations from the University of Calgary and graduated with degrees in Education and Education Policy from the University of Alberta.

She is a certified Alberta teacher but has worked primarily in adult education over the past five years. Her recently completed Masters focused attention on Labour and adult education frameworks as a way to teach critical legal theory.

She has been an army cadet, a sorority sister, speaks 3 languages, and loves camping.

Inspiration and Motivations

Her lens focuses on cultivating civic education spaces beyond schools and organizes to promote participation and awareness of policies. She is inspired by Union organizers and educators such as D’Arcy Martin and is motivated by the Calls to Action directed to educators by the Truth and Reconciliation commission.


Nav is most recently known for her run as a candidate during Edmonton’s 2016 municipal by-election in Ward 12 . This campaign was recognized as progressive and grassroots by both organizations and her peers locally and nationally.

She is passionate about community building strategies, educating for change and mobilization in both formal and informal campaigns. She organizes projects with numerous advocacy and education organizations including Aspen Foundation for Labour Education, Public Interest Alberta, Women’s Legal Education Action Fund (LEAF), NEXT UP and Girls Action Network among others.

Right Now

Her next projects include cohort and facilitator trainings, radio-documentaries and organizing coalition building events locally.